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Connect again with the essence of who you really are, who you aspire to be and what you aspire to do.


Too often we have a scattergun approach to our lives and businesses. We feel we SHOULD do so many things to make them a success and we end up pursuing loads of different strategies, goals and dreams all at the same time.

The result? We end up doing most of them not particularly well and our goals and dreams seem as elusive as ever.

By helping you focus on what needs to be done now and create a plan that will take you to your ultimate goal, you will gain greater business clarity, lighten the load and put workable strategies or actions into place.

For clients seeking swift and intensive support, I offer a 1 day personal transformation programme.

We will determine how change and growth can be achieved through clarifying and acknowledging personal goals and adopting new behaviours, thought practices and routines – changing your story to meet your goals. We get to the root issues and get you moving forward with actionable plans.

‘I recently retrained as a Holistic Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. I felt exhausted after intense studying and was unable to think about how I could turn my new passion into a thriving business.
Philippa helped me to identify what was preventing me from being able to move forward, and gave me the confidence to work through those blocks. Overall, Philippa’s holistic coaching method has helped me to clarify what I want and how to get it.’



10:00 – 16:00 including lunch = £897