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I offer a truly holistic coaching experience by looking at all aspects of your business from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective. I believe that honouring all your business and life needs is so important to building a successful and sustainable business.

Have you been hiding from the conflicts of your life and hoping they would resolve themselves?


Wouldn’t it feel so much better to feel that you are walking through your life with your eyes wide-open, self-focussed with a balanced self-esteem?

My passion is working with women who are being held back from their aspirations, goals and desires, who feel unfocussed and unfulfilled and to help them realise a sense of achievement, satisfaction and joy at the new found success they bring into their lives.

Is your head or your heart trying to tell you something and you’re so disconnected you can’t hear it?  Do you put on a courageous face but are really hiding a case of low self-esteem?

My goal is to help clients navigate the white-water of your life with compassion but also with much laughter and joy so they reach the other side stronger and screaming “hell yes, I did it”.

The women I coach can expect to progress their lives and achieve their life, work, love, health and creative aspirations whilst feeling empowered, optimistic and invigorated about their future. My clients are all united in their search for something ‘more’ and a desire for change. I connect closely with all my clients, offering a unique, fun and tailored approach in my full a range of services.

Do you love your work but feel it isn’t taking you where you want to go, or you just don’t know how to get there?


Connect again with the essence of who you really are. Who you aspire to be and what you aspire to do, to be in tune with your essence, your values, your soul.

I help clients find the path that lights them up. To connect with the magic, the essence of who they are, to lead their lives true to their nature and not hide away behind the expectations of others. To feel free. To be free.

A catalyst in helping you to make choices that serve you well.

We will go to places where choices are laid bare and decisions can be made to move you away from the pain, the trauma or the “stuff” that has held you back, and instead move ever closer to realising your hopes and dreams.

Our work together will include:

  • How to bring your head and heart together to grow a creative, authentic, successful business
  • Why being authentic in business matters so much
  • Why sometimes it can seem hard to run a business in the 21st Century
  • You will discover how to achieve positive change and live an authentic, personally fulfilling business and life

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