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I’m humbled and grateful that so many of the amazing people I have worked with have allowed me to share their experiences with you.

Every now and then strokes of luck happen and meeting Philippa at a networking event was one of them! A few weeks later and we had a one to one consultation to discuss my new travel business. Only 10 months into my new venture, I was full of passion but a busy fool!

Before visiting Philippa I was overwhelmed by the workload but also unsure which areas of my business to develop. During our couple of hours together, Philippa’s experience helped guide me to some important conclusions about my target market and I left with clarity about the direction to take my business.

I would probably have discovered these conclusions for myself later down the line however a quality session with Philippa meant they were fast-tracked.

Robert Kiernan

Travel Counsellors

I have managed my own business for over 15 years which has been a rewarding and, often challenging experience!  As a person who tends to say ‘yes’ to all work that comes in – this has led to my business growing in an organic – and sometimes chaotic way! Against this background I have children and have just completed a major house refurbishment – so, like most working mums, my life is full to the brim.

Philippa offered me a business coaching session which I found incredibly useful.  It was the first time I had actually sat down with a professional coach and looked at what I was doing.  Philippa has enormous insight, natural wisdom and teased out of me what I love doing, helped me to outline my goals and provided me with practical steps to help me get there.  She made me feel confident about my work and gave me clarity on the direction I should take my business to make sure it works for me, rather than the other way round! I now have a clear set of objectives and am excited about taking my business forward in new ways.

I can’t thank Philippa enough and she’s a lovely, genuinely caring person to boot – absolute pleasure to work with’!

Charlotte Eve, Managing Director

CK Futures Ltd

I was overwhelmed by the vastness of my vision for the future & couldn’t see a way to make the work involved in creating it manageable. I love all the aspects of my business & was reluctant to let any of them go. I was challenged as my passion is equal for my network marketing business and my health & hormone business, but different coaches & JV partners always wanted me to focus on one or the other. This left me confused & tempted to pretend to each coach that I was putting 100% effort into their side.
These problems were resulting in a sense of overwhelm, an inability to prioritise, risk of repeating burnout, reluctance to relax – ever – & tendency to work until after midnight every night without giving my family & relationships the time they deserved, never making the time to nurture my soul. I had great difficulty seeing the path to the future.

I finally decided to work with Philippa when I realised that I was going around in circles instead of moving forward and enabling all of my potential. My health was going downhill & everything was suffering.

One of my favourite aspects of Philippa’s system was being able to visulaise the big picture through working with a large blank piece of paper and moveable post-it notes – it made adjustments possible. I also loved the space she gave for LIFE!

Now, I feel lighter, happier & more connected to my business. In fact, I have been joyful about my business vision all day, where before it was like a weight on my shoulders. I am very clear on the work that is needed to bring my vision into being, I have deferred some of my plans (such as for retreats and live events) so that I can create the online courses needed for my bigger picture, and I have switched to other ideas, such as from workshops to speaking on other peoples’ stages to bring people into my business funnel. One of the things I loved was the fact that Philippa could see my passion for network marketing (where many people disrespect this) and included my rank advancement and residual income within the bigger picture, enabling me to empower more women in this way.

Dr. Alison Grimston

Doctor Allie

“I recently retrained as a Holistic Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.  I felt exhausted after intense studying and was unable to think about how I could turn my new passion into a thriving business.

Philippa helped me to identify what was preventing me from being able to move forward, and gave me the confidence to work through those blocks.  Her nutritional support has been invaluable, and I now realise the importance of healthy eating in maintaining my energy levels as a Complementary Therapist.  Overall, Philippa’s holistic coaching method has helped me to clarify what I want and how to get it.”



Philippa was my tutor whilst I was studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, and she had a profound effect on my personal and professional development.

She was consistently encouraging and supportive, an attitude that enabled me to engage with her teaching and ask questions when necessary. Her knowledge was both deep and broad, and her enthusiasm ensured that the whole group engaged positively with every tutorial session, despite the fact that they were late on a Friday evening after a long week at work for us all!

Importantly, she genuinely cared not only for our academic development but also for how we would use that knowledge outside the classroom environment to enhance our career prospects.  I have subsequently moved into teaching, training and coaching and can now see even more clearly how talented Philippa is in these areas.

Katie Sheen FdSc, DipION, MA.Ed mBANT, NTC, CNHC

UK, Founder, Soul Nutrition / Lecturer, MSc Nutritional Therapy, University of Worcester / National Trainer, Lamberts Healthcare

I had been thinking of going self-employed for a long time but have always been quite risk adverse – the thought of losing the support system from working within a large company was pretty scary. Philippa helped me to change my feelings about taking risks and to appreciate that not all risks are negative! I have now taken the leap forward and am really enjoying working for myself. I continue to work with Philippa to ensure that I stay on track and keep my life/work balance. It’s been a fun experience!


East Sussex

I have worked with Philippa now for some time. We started to work together on a nutrition plan, as I wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle, prompted by some health issues. However, as my health improved and I realised I also wanted to make wider changes in my life, we have broadened this relationship, with Philippa working as my coach, guiding me through the process of achieving my goals, both professionally and personally.

Working with Philippa has been a pleasure, she is supportive, empathetic, but above all, a massively positive person to work with. I am a changed man from this experience.


Hong Kong

I was just about to give up on my business and go back to being employed when I discovered Philippa. She helped me plan my time and identify where I really wanted to take my business. The business is now growing at a pace I am happy with. I feel calm and in control and am enjoying planning the future. I am so pleased I found Philippa before I made what would have been one of the worst decisions of my life!



If anyone is considering reaching out to Philippa and is not sure, I just want to say – do it. I am working with Philippa at the moment, on my rather long battle with food – a self confessed emotional eater… and the unhappiness at being fat. My time with Philippa has helped me understand it and make changes, with real goals, not about my weight, but freedom from it being such a negative focus and getting away from a cycle of eating, guilt, more eating, dieting, eating… and here I am, on my way. I am finding that freedom. Changing the way I live, not going on a diet, thinking differently, shopping for food is a pleasure again, I enjoy everything, miss nothing, eating out is fun, not a guilty pleasure, Christmas was just a few days of different choices… and not one moment of guilt (and believe me when I say, I ate it all and enjoyed every moment lol) – I am achieving balance. Secondary to this is a weight loss of 30 pounds so far… but that feels like a bonus, not a goal. Loved the fact that Philippa also took time to understand my life/work/time/love of food/love of wine and has given me the tools to make great choices, but stop feeling bad about the departures from the way I now choose to eat on a day to day basis .. its working because I feel its unique to me, about me and my goals. Perhaps also worth noting, I do all of this by Skype, you don’t need to be local to Philippa to do this. Thank you Philippa.


Hong Kong