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About Philippa

My core passion is helping other business women not just to discover how to have successful businesses or careers, but to live their authentic lives, being true to their essence, connecting with their creativity and fulfilling their destiny.

Having been employed in both large and small companies, together with launching my own business, I’ve experienced most of the pros and cons of each side of the divide. My life and work experiences help me to relate meaningfully to my clients, empathise with their lives, their desire for transformation and understand the barriers women can face in achieving this, especially in the business world. As a feminist I am continuously fighting for equality and just rewards for the work we all do.

The diversity of my work has given me purpose, fed my soul and enabled me to help literally 100s of women (and a few men too!) find their direction and passions, gain clarity and focus and build successful businesses.

I truly love my work and believe that shines through in all that I give to my clients.

The world beckons to me to help as many women as possible to connect to their freedom and magic whilst making their mark through their business or career. I would love you to join me on that journey.

My Story

“For many years, I suffered with M.E. or some form of chronic fatigue, and for 26 years it was a struggle to balance health and life. Making that statement used to make me feel very vulnerable, but now I know that it has helped make me who I am today. It has never defined me.

It has been a roller-coaster 26 years, however I give thanks for having been ill. It made me leave an industry I didn’t enjoy and it made me go on a journey to discover who I really am, what I enjoy, what lights me up and what makes me feel fulfilled and bubbling over with excitement every day. This was a voyage of discovery – I tried quite a few things before I found my true passions, and my curious brain keeps trying to take me in new directions…

First, I left the corporate world I had been working in, where my expertise had been in developing and managing loyalty marketing programmes in Hong Kong, the UK and Sydney. I left the comfort of being employed, retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and started practicing in 2001. I later went on to train as a Coach and a Counsellor as I discovered through my experience of working with my nutrition clients on their health, how important it was to work on their head, heart and soul as well as the physical. Only by doing this did clients regain their full health, become the success they wanted to be.

I still have so many dreams and goals it often makes my head hurt. My health issues have meant that I have constantly had to shuffle around the different pieces of the jigsaw that make up my life to balance my energy levels, my financial needs and my personal development needs. I never gave up my desire to develop a business helping others to feel empowered to make good choices, to take their dreams and make them happen in the world. And so, Life Fusion was born, as cohesive coaching and mentoring programmes to help bring the buzz back into your business and your life!”


Live the life you love

There is no point in spending all your time and energy in building your business! Yes, it’s an important part of your life but there has to be a reason for doing it – and for me that is making sure I create lots of time to do the things I love, to be excited, to laugh.

In the past, my time felt as though it was divided between thinking about my health and working on my business to keep the money flowing. But now I know how important it is for me to feel REALLY good. To take care of my being and emotional needs.

So, I make sure every day that I turn off my business head to take time to play in some way – spending time with my friends, family and loved ones; sharing stories over good food and wine; long walks by the sea or over the South Downs; planning holidays and travel opportunities; being creative – making jewellery, writing, doodling, reading and of course, there is always some research to keep feeding my curious brain. I can still frequently be found exploring the worlds of psychology, personal development, human behaviour, mindset, quantum and metaphysics.

You can discover my full story in my forthcoming book, or better still, work with me and uncover your true potential!

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