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Planning mode – mid January 2019!

Having decided to go travelling for 6 months at the end of last year, I am now deep into planning mode. And how I am wishing I had started sooner!


Philippa Levinson travels


The first problem is that I want to go everywhere and do everything, which of course I can’t. Who would have thought that 6 months would feel like a short time to go away for?! So deciding exactly how I am going to spend my time is taking much longer than anticipated. And the second problem is that planning a trek around South America is very complicated – or at least it feels that way at the moment. Once I’ve got my head around it I’m sure things will start to flow. But there isa lot of research to do. Oh why didn’t I start sooner?!


I’m a coach so of course I have action points for this week!

  • Finalising where I’m actually going to in South America
  • Choosing somewhere to go and meditate for a week when I’m away
  • Thinking about where I’m going to be in August – no idea yet

Count Down

76 days to go – f**k that’s amazing and scary!


Wherever your travels take you, travel safe

Philippa x