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What’s holding you back?

(and an introduction to my style of coaching – business coaching with a difference!)

Most of the clients I work with come to when they feel that their business or career is not going the way they expected or want. They express a variety of negative feelings in relation to their aspirations:

  • Very unhappy
  • Bored
  • Frustrated
  • Confused
  • Lost their clarity and focus
  • Fearful
  • Feel overwhelmed with all they have to do

Whatever they feel is not currently working for them; their focus is generally on their work life. Ensuring you have a successful, enjoyable Business is so important, especially given how many hours we spend at work, whether physically or mentally – thinking about it, or emotionally – stressing about it. However, we cannot look at our Businesses in isolation. Who you are, who you want to be, how well you feel and why you have chosen your dreams and aspirations all have a huge impact on how you run your business and how much abundance you generate in it. It also impacts on how far you can take yourself – what difference you and your business makes in your world and the world at large.

When I look back at the time I took out to think about the new direction I was taking my Business in, I realise that a lot of my time was spent digging really deep emotionally in order to get a clear picture of what I wanted my business to look like now, not one based on the dreams I had when I was younger. My  journey to get to where I am now had become very circuitous because I had fallen into the trap of following the new shiny thing whenever it was dangled in front of me. I was not being clear about my goals nor staying tuned into all the reasons why I wanted my business to grow.

I recognised that I had to build a more detailed vision of what my Business would look like; what it would become; where and how I would be working; who I would be working with that was based on the real me – allowing me to use my true voice and not pretend to be like other people, just to be me. It made me focus on all the areas of “me” that impact my business. And I took that learning to develop a basic framework that I now use in my coaching programmes.

My role as your coach is to identify where you have blocks and help you find new ways to move forward. We don’t work on each of the elements of the framework in a boring methodical way but we do discover together what might be preventing you from achieving your dreams. Stuff that you might not even be aware of, or have been hiding from. 

My passion is about helping you get the right mindset and feel empowered to make changes. I like breaking rules too much to follow a strict coaching model. I work with you to challenge you to go further than you thought possible by overcoming any fears or doubts. However, knowing where these fears and doubts might be hiding does help us to uncover them and then I can invite you to address them.

Meet,  The Four B’s:

B1 = Your Business (no sh*t Sherlock!)
This area is all about refocusing on your goals, redefining your vision for your business (which may be very different from your current thinking) and looking at the strategies you are using to grow or support the business, what your role is, what you like doing, what you don’t like doing etc., etc.
We’ll put in place all the steps you need to take to turn it into the business that fits your needs; that feeds your mind, body, soul and bank account. Your vision and plan may well turn out to be a lot bigger than you ever imagined. I will challenge you to make your business reflect your biggest dreams and ambitions, not your smallest!

It has taken me nearly 60 years to discover who I am and what path I want to take my business down. I want to help you get there a lot faster than I have by sharing my experiences and knowledge with you and helping you fast track yourself forward.

B2 = Your Buddies
This encompasses your business team, your suppliers, your employees or your colleagues i.e. everyone you come into contact with through your business dealings. But it doesn’t stop there. Your Buddies also includes all your  personal relationships – partner, friends, family, the communities you engage with, all your loved ones.

When any of these are out of balance, causing you grief, stress, making you feel unsupported or pulling you in different directions then this will impact your business too. It is vital that you find ways to sort out any issues in this area in order to move forward with your business plans effectively.

B3 = Your Body.
Given my past health problems, I am sure you will understand that for me, taking care of my health is pretty far up my list of priorities. 

But you don’t have to experience a major illness to sometimes feel stressed, low in energy, lacking vitality and like a couch potato because you’ve had no time to exercise. How much time and effort do you put into your self-care and what role is food playing in your life? Are you using food or alcohol (or both) to hide from the stresses of the day or to treat yourself because you deserve it…every night? We all need treats at times, but when you can’t get through the day without them, or they are the only things you look forward to, to lift your mood then something is not right.

Self-care is vital for you to be able to turn up 100% and be the best you can be every day in order to bring your gifts to the world. We will explore how you can bring more self-care into your life without it becoming another time or mind stressor!

B4 = Your Being
By this I mean your essence, your spirit, your soul, your higher self, – whatever you call it, whatever resonates with you. This element is all about discovering your authentic self, finding the courage to speak your truth, to live your truth and to be your truth in all areas of your life. To me this is the biggy and the element that I like to look at first early on when I work with you. Because when you get more in tune with yourself the other areas that need working on become so obvious!

Not being you in your world can be the biggest thing that holds you back. Women especially often can spend a large part of their life caring for others or juggling many roles – wife/partner, mother, daughter etc. We can forget to look  after ourselves and we can forget who we really are, our true identity. We can lose clarity and focus, become disconnected from our truth, and downplay our gifts and our strengths.

I feel passionately that now is the time for women to rise up and be the best possible version of themselves. To claim our place in the world and allow ourselves to have all the abundance we deserve, to spread our compassion and beliefs to make this world a more peaceful, productive, loving place. You can probably tell that this is important to me! I ask that you please don’t hold back your gifts from the world. Rekindle the fire within you and go and shine your light on everything that you do. I’d love to help you discover to do this in your world by getting the Four B’s in balance and reconnecting you with your passions.