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Introducing - Business Fusion

It’s finally happening – our training programme for women business owners looking to step up to the next level is here!

 Woo hoo, I am so excited! Business Fusion has finally been launched. For those of you who have not read every page on my website (and if you haven’t, why not?!!), you will have seen that Business Fusion has been sitting under the “Work with Me” tab for a wee while, but with no dates set. Apart from telling you what it is, there hasn’t been any obvious action behind it. That’s because there has been a lot (and I mean a lot!) of work going on behind the scenes. And now we are finally there.

Business Fusion as a concept was born out of a chance conversation with Caroline Newton of number78, a business development consultancy, at the end of a mumpreneurs network meeting in Brighton Marina.

I was very impressed with how she worked with companies to help them develop, implement and monitor what we call the science side of business – the planning, the strategies, the marketing, the (dreaded!) KPIs and other forms of measuring success. As she described to me what she was doing, she also told me that she was seeing more instances where companies felt very motivated once they had their roadmap sorted out, but were still not taking the action required to implement it properly, because of what was going on in their heads. When I told her that my business coaching is based around exactly that – their mindset, their beliefs and their disempowering thoughts – a collaboration was born!

Introducing - Business Fusion

And what a collaboration <3. Our passions are many and our individual experiences of working with companies of many shapes and sizes have helped us to identify the blocks that hold back small to medium sized businesses from becoming creative, authentic and profitable ones.

Our objectives behind launching our training programmes is best summed up by one of our favourite phrases – it’s about bringing the head and the heart together, working with both the science side and the mindset side of running a business. Our aim is to help you grow your business by creating the perfect balance between your IQ and your EQ.

Now that may sound rather woolly as an objective, but it is a shorthand way of describing how you can have the best strategies, systems and measurement tools in your business, but without the right mindset, without knowing and understanding your values, your beliefs and your purpose, your BIG reason WHY you are working so hard on running and growing your business, then your vision for the company and for your life will not come to fruition. Or it will be a real struggle to get “there”, to the place where your goals are achieved and your dreams have come true.

And visa versa – you can spend all the time you like deciding who you are, who you want to become, what you want your business to become, what culture you want to create but without having a strategic roadmap or ways to measure your profitability and success rates, then you are not going to grow the business you have envisaged.

We recognised that many business development, mentoring and coaching programmes are designed to either support the intellectual science-based development of the business or the emotional problems related to the business, but rarely are they effectively brought together – until now!

So what exactly is Business Fusion?

We are launching the training arm of our business with 2-day courses that will be run at regular intervals throughout the year.

As I said earlier, the course is primarily designed to bring your IQ and your EQ into balance and thereby develop the most effective way for you to grow your business to the next level, not to get stuck in the plateau all businesses hit during their life cycle and create an environment that everyone enjoys working in as you experience personal and financial growth.

It will include:

  • Taking your complex business plans and turning them into an effective working document – your roadmap
  • Redefining your goals for the next 12 months so they are realistic, achievable, manageable and meaningful
  • Helping you to identify the core strategies that will deliver tangible results in-line with your goals
  • Creating an outline marketing plan on how to fulfill these strategies
  • Creating a communication tool that ensures your team and employees all buy into your plans and support the changes you are introducing.
  • Developing a culture that empowers everyone by ensuring they too own the business plans and adopt the changes.
  • Identifying your true values. Many businesses have a document stating their values, but too often they are not ones that every member of the company resonates with or understands. Learn how to uncover your true values and how to use them as a decision-making tool.
  • Developing the systems you need to achieve your objectives – your technical systems and your communication systems and your support systems.
  • Creating KPIs that everyone is enthusiastic to achieve and budgets that reflect where you are in your growth curve.
  • Unearth your big reason WHY. Why do you own this business? What do you want your legacy to be?

As an aside here, I have to tell you that actually I hate that phrase. I don’t have children and I always thought a legacy was what you left your children, so it didn’t resonate with me. But I then reframed it by looking at what is important to me, what I believe in, my soapbox issues. And I am passionate about gaining equality for women, and inspiring girls to become leaders in the world; inspiring them to follow their passions and speak out to make the world a more compassionate, humane place to live and work. My business plans therefore include setting up a foundation to support women to find their voice, to run emotionally intelligent businesses, to inspire others to do the same by taking small steps to change their own world.

What is your reason for being?

There is a lot in this course, but it is designed to be very practical. Not only will you leave with a clear plan of action and feel empowered to implement these changes, you will know exactly how you are going to instigate the changes and most importantly you will believe in your business and yourself.

And at the end of the next 12 months you will realise your goals of increased profitability and lower churn in staff as you employ people who are in-line with your values. You will have created a company culture that reflects your values and have increased energy, vitality and connection with your work.


We believe in walking the walk, and research and testing are key to the launch of any product. So we are using this first course as part of our test programme! In exchange for us providing you with what we think is outstanding value and a huge learning opportunity, we ask you to give us considered and detailed feedback and of course, glowing testimonials!!!! No seriously, we will exchange the special price for your input into what you want our courses to deliver and for testimonials that you are happy to have published.

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