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(and an update on what changes are happening at Life Fusion as a result of my thinking time)

This month I have been contemplating the value of taking time to think. I was reflecting (i.e. giving myself a hard time!) as to why it had taken me so long to get my business plans for this year off the ground. And then I realised that by taking my time and really bringing my awareness to not only what I was passionate about but also what my clients were telling me, it has allowed some awesome collaborations and plans to come to fruition.

When I first launched Life Fusion it was always going to be as an umbrella brand for all the different areas of coaching I have an interest in, but my initial work was based around helping people with their relationship with food. This was targeted at those who had weight to lose, but what I am really interested in is all the reasons why people make their food choices. What are they really hiding from? I love being able to help people stop hiding from their fears and doubts, to step up and be the best version of themselves possible, to achieve wonderful things in their lives and to have a blast whilst they’re doing it.

And what clients did I attract to my awesome programme that I put together to help them change how they ate and change their beliefs about themselves? Well, people asked me if I would help them move forward with their business!!!

For a while I thought it was just one of those things; that the people I was mixing with wanted to work with me, but on what was concerning them most at that time i.e. how to grow their business in a sustainable way that fitted in with their lifestyle and family commitments. But I still believed that my food relationship programmes would take off soon.

It Pays To Take Time to Think

And then I woke up! I loved doing this work with my clients (us coaches can be pretty versatile people!) and I wasn’t getting many clients who wanted to work on their food stuff, so I decided it was time to repackage what I offer and I took some time out to get that offer “right”.

Of course, my business coaching is based on exactly the same premise as my food relationship coaching – how to be who you really want to be and to step up to achieve what you really want to achieve (and how to know what that looks like).

So I slowed down, I took time out to look at the products I was going to offer, who I wanted to work with and all the other strategy and marketing planning that goes on when you are relaunching your business.

I worked with my business coach to keep me on the right path and I played around with lots of ideas as I went through a process of awakening, awareness and expansion. I also spoke to lots of people about my hopes and dreams for my business. And I was met by the most awesome opportunities to collaborate with other people as well as the clarity of what I wanted to offer my 1-1 clients.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the plans that are now being hatched!

The collaborations are taking me in some different directions, but these are feeding my body, heart and soul – and when that happens I feel I can move mountains and achieve my goal of helping people discover how they can make a difference in their world. It totally lights me up!

And all this came about by taking proper time out to explore and understand who I love working with and what I could do best to support my “tribe”.

By Warren Buffet’s own estimate, he has spent 80% of his career reading and thinking. But I bet he isn’t as busy as you are.

It’s not time out. It’s how you take your business to the next level.

It allows ideas and new projects the space to grow and old ones to be set aside if they no longer resonate with your dreams. Some of my projects are still a work in progress, but these will be launched in July so I’ll tell you more about those next time (I really can’t wait to share these plans!).

To find out what I’m offering now jump over to www.philippalevinson.com/work-with-me. If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke just drop me an email or call and we can talk about how I can help.

If you’re feeling nervous about working with a coach, I offer the first session at no charge, so that we can get to know each other and decide where to go from there. This is a full-on coaching session and is commitment free.

I’m here to help you clear your mind and think creatively to gain clarity on how to sustainably grow your business. What are you waiting for? Talk to me!!

I’m very aware that this blog has been more about me than you…but I wanted to let you know about the changes and what underlies them. However, I would like to leave you with this thought:

How can you best spend the next week to get the results you want?

Maybe some thinking time would serve you most.