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Growing creative, profitable and authentic businesses and lives that feed the mind, body and soul

Mindset and Empowerment Coach

Hello and Welcome!
If you are struggling to overcome obstacles, are being held back by your circumstances or feel your head is so full of ideas you don’t know which way to turn, then it’s time to become more aware.

Time to discover yourself, your gifts, your capabilities and options.

My focus is on helping women who feel disconnected or disillusioned to find awareness, gain clarity and focus on their direction so that they can feel empowered to make good choices and bring the fun back into their businesses, careers and lives.

I am passionate about inspiring you to achieve your dreams in both work and life. I will work with you in an individual, insightful, holistic and powerful way. Our work together will enable you to define your passions and values and articulate and own your future vision.

It is about bringing your heart and your head together to produce your desired results and feel in tune with your soul, spirit and authentic self.

Let’s reconnect with the opportunities, joy, freedom and magic that light you up!


Start now, and take the practical steps to ensure you achieve your dreams.

Gain greater business clarity and lighten the load. Put workable strategies and actions into place. Focus on what needs to be done now and create a plan that takes you to your ultimate goal.

Release the fire within to create an extraordinary life by rediscovering your sense of direction. Grow a creative, authentic business that feeds your mind, body, soul and bank account.

Reawaken your enthusiasm and excitement and distil that into a place of clarity and focus with a sprinkle of magic. Create the mindset and heartset required to do what you really desire.

The Just-in-Time Generation

Today I am inviting Caroline from Number78 and Business Fusion to guest post!  We all know that we live in a high paced, totally accessible world.  Although we’re all getting more aware of how dangerous it is for our health to go hell for leather for too long, those...
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Introducing – Business Fusion

It’s finally happening – our training programme for women business owners looking to step up to the next level is here!  Woo hoo, I am so excited! Business Fusion has finally been launched. For those of you who have not read every page on my website (and if you...
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Why Your Buddies Are So Important and How They Can Impact Your Bottom Line – Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at the people you are mixing with, whether they are your supporters or naysayers and how to mix with people who will help you climb the success ladder. In this part I’m talking about your relationships with all the Buddies in your life and how...
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Never mind six degrees of separation – in business, one degree can make all the difference

Why your Buddies are so important and how they can impact your bottom line - Part 1. I’m pretty confident that most of you are familiar with the phrase “six degrees of separation” but for those that haven’t heard it before Wikipedia defines it as: “…the idea that all...
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Are You An Imposter?

Are you an Imposter – Why do we hold ourselves back? Are we really not good enough? Today I decided to stray away from my ongoing theme of explaining what the 4Bs are (if you’re thinking “The 4Bs…WTF?!”, then read my last couple of blogs for an...
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What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back? (and an introduction to my style of coaching – business coaching with a difference!) Most of the clients I work with come to when they feel that their business or career is not going the way they expected or want. They...
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It Pays To Take Time to Think

(and an update on what changes are happening at Life Fusion as a result of my thinking time) This month I have been contemplating the value of taking time to think. I was reflecting (i.e. giving myself a hard time!) as to why it had taken me so long to...
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My Interview on Business Radio

My first video interview – exciting and scary all at the same time! Here is Tino Da Silva from Business Radio and me having fun as I try to explain to him a little about my business and how I work. I know I’ve been quiet for a wee while, but that’s because I took some...
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